Catgod’s new EP ‘Heartbeat In My Hand’ | Exquisite And Wonderfully Eclectic

Formed when sibling duo Robin Christensen-Marriott and Catherine Marriott were reunited in Oxford last year, Catgod have previously charmed crowds at Truck Festival and Sofar Sounds sessions. Now, they’re set to grace our ears with the release of new EP ‘Heartbeat In My Hand’.

Impossible to pigeon-hole into one genre, Catgod combine an eclectic range of influences on ‘Heartbeat In My Hand’ – merging elements of traditional folk, jazz, trip-hop and classical instrumentation to create something completely unique.

A heartbreakingly beautiful start to the collection, title track ‘Heartbeat In My Hand’ flows with shimmering melodies and the sweeping, emotion-strewn power of Cat’s vocals as we’re drawn into Catgod’s hypnotic allure, before the whirring fusion of sounds on ‘Keep My Promises’ hits us. Their current single, it soars with Robin’s deep, John Martyn-reminiscent vocals interweaved with rich layers of instrumentation. A spellbinding concoction of sounds, an epic cinematic soundscape is created; like a magical fairground ride filled with twists and turns of the unexpected.

The final two tracks ooze a beauty of spine-tingling proportions. Whilst ‘Let Go’ flows with heartfelt harmonies and delicate, twinkling folk-tinged melodies with a stirring emotion, the abstract musicality and eerie spoken-word vocals of EP closer ‘Owing You’ will trigger goosebumps in an instant. With his rich lyrical storytelling of family relationships, Robin shows himself to be a skilled raconteur, drawing us into Catgod’s beguiling tales of love.

A truly exquisite and wonderfully eclectic collection, ‘Heartbeat In My Hand’ showcases the multifaceted skill set of this young band. If you’re not left utterly captivated on first listen, I think you may need your heart checking…

Heartbeat In My Hand is out NOW.