Alicia Keys Unveils Old Memories

Fans can get an authentic look at the life of the successful artist and how far she has come in her decades of working in the music industry. The first few moments are a montage of photos of Alicia, glimpses, and snapshots of the artists throughout her various phases of life.

How Can New Bands Make a Splash In Today’s World?

How can a new band get out of this small corner and make a splash? We all know that success does not come overnight. For most, it can take years of hard graft; not every one gets big from a demo tape a la Arctic Monkeys, or even two-songs-on-Spotify Wet Leg, who boast millions of streams without anyone knowing all that much about them. 


“If one of my songs can bring that nostalgic feeling of “do you remember when we had our first kiss to this?”, that would be a dream come true.”

FM Presents: BE KIND TO YOUR MIND Organic Cotton T-Shirt

The Future of Music Summit will take place as a virtual conference on the 24th November 2021.
The conference will bring together artists, management, brand execs, entrepreneurs, and investors globally to rethink the music industry in a post COVID world.

Three Essential Resources For Breaking Into The Music Industry

Music is literally the soundtrack to our lives, whether we realize it or not. With it being estimated that we listen to approximately three and a half thousand songs each year, there is no doubt that music plays a vital role in society. With us through the good times and the bad, it provides solace and comfort as well as accompanying motivation or celebration.


“It’s a fantastic time, so many people who were used to attend summits and events in physical format are lacking the ability to connect and learn about the industry. So I figured why not do a virtual summit? I have speakers from a range of companies such as Amuse, GymShark, FanBytes, ATC, Sennheiser the list goes on!”