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Meelo QuickFire Questions

10 March 2022
"Any artist that is bold enough and liberated enough to break ground, anyone that puts true emotion into it, the ones that act freely

FM Meets: Shobsy

24 February 2022
"I am an Irish solo artist interested in bringing classic sounds/songwriting into a modern context."

Bottler QuickFire Questions

20 February 2022
"Our album comes out in May on InFiné, and we’re planning on touring a ton. It’s a secret though because we haven’t announced yet.

Kamera QuickFire Questions

10 February 2022
"A lot of our music and art, in general, comes from the idea of reimagining something that already exists."

My Dear QuickFire Questions

9 February 2022
"As in all our songs, there is a touch of melancholy that counterbalances the joy of pop and the power of electro sounds."

Charles QuickFire Questions

4 February 2022
"‘Dirty Little Secret’ is a message to those production companies who advise that sometimes hiding who you are will help your career"

FM Meets Roxanne de Bastion

3 February 2022
"‘You & Me, We Are The Same’ is not a sad album. In fact, it’s the most uplifting and musically adventurous collection of songs I’ve

FM Meets: Lucy Burke

16 January 2022
"I started songwriting when I was in primary school and the first song I wrote when I was 12 for my primary school teacher

FM Meets: Ballin’ Jacks

20 December 2021
"Our new track 'Success' It’s a bit of a joke really, kind of like the Groucho Marx line about not wanting to be a

FM Meets: Alt-Rockers LEAP

19 December 2021
"I knew I wanted some clean and simple. LEAP is a nod to taking the plunge in life. Throwing yourself in at the deep

FM Meets: Elysia

18 December 2021
“My friend of two years turned into my soulmate in the space of one night; something changed in the way I looked at him;

FM Meets: Greatest Hits

7 December 2021
One of our favorite ways we’ve been described is, “dressed like art teachers from the 60s”

FM Meets: Ronniee

24 November 2021
We caught up with London-based newcomer Ronniee as she unveils 'FAYE' (abbreviated for Fake And You Exit), a direct point of view to moving


5 November 2021
"If one of my songs can bring that nostalgic feeling of “do you remember when we had our first kiss to this?”, that would
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