Frank Bramble shares some Serotonin

It has a dual meaning, the first being the literal damage we inflict on the planet, but the second is a metaphor for a relationship turning toxic.

QuickFire Questions with Randy Beth

“My favorite performer of all time told me to “keep driving forward” at a time when that felt impossible, to this day I carry those words very close to my heart.”

QuickFire Questions with Sahara Beck

“I hope that by sharing my experience with Anxiety – as hard as it is to be vulnerable – that it helps others in the same way that the process of writing this song helped me.”

Introducing Keelan X

“I listen to a lot of music all day. Weirdly, I could be walking down the street, making a cup of tea or washing the dishes (I know, not very rock n’ roll!) and a melody will pop into my head.”

QuickFire Questions with Marcus Valance

“I spent years trying hard to make a career of it and ended up hating it. And since I stopped trying so hard I’ve found I write better, enjoy it more, play more and do much more with it. I guess there’s a lesson in there somewhere!”

QuickFire Questions with Johnno Casson AKA Snippet

“Maybe it was because I needed to, to get me through the day and not always be wrapped up by pain, or that an inner voice was calling for the sunny disposition inside of me to rise up again, that it had been missed and it didn’t come out into the sunshine often enough.”