Catching Up With TYLER YOUNG, Son Of DR. DRE, On His Debut Dance Track MY TIME

By Vanessa B

We caught up with Tyler Young, son of the legendary hip-hop producer and Beats by Dre co-founder Dr. Dre, about falling in love with dance music at a young age and his lush debut track My Time feat. Hayley May, released via Thrive. With a given name that forgoes assumed clout via a famous father, Young is setting his sights on conquering the global dance scene.

I was introduced to electronic music by a friend who showed me Daft Punk’s Homework album back in 2006…15 years feels like a lifetime ago…

Hi Tyler, how are things? What’s on your mind these days?

Hi Fame Magazine, thanks for taking the time to interview me! Given the circumstances, things are actually going pretty well. Could not be more hyped on how people have responded to the release of my first single, My Time. Also relieved that it looks like we’re headed in the right direction with Covid. All in all, hyped on my career growth and shows starting to reopen. 

That’s great. Now, tell us everything we need to know about the debut single MY TIME

Thrive Music, the label I recently signed to, email me a demo by the talented Jon Kong and Hayley May. Unfortunately, they were unable to release the song as a collab, so I reworked it and made it my own – sent it back to Jon and Hayley and they loved it. 

How would you say your early life influenced your interest in music?

I was introduced to electronic music by a friend who showed me Daft Punk’s Homework album back in 2006… 15 years feels like a lifetime ago…Since then I’ve immersed myself in electronic music – spending all my time and money producing, DJing, and attending shows.

Favorite song and album of all time?

As you might have guessed, my favorite album is Daft Punk’s Homework. My two favorite songs off that album are either ‘Around the World’ or ‘Revolution 909’.

We saw your live-streamed set last month with Beatport’s Daylight Sessions, and you killed it! Can you tell our readers when we can next see you live (even virtually)?

Ayy thanks for checking out my set! I really appreciate you spending the time to do that. I don’t have anything planned at the moment but I’m hoping to get booked for a drive-in show or two before the reopening of in-person shows. Livestreams are a good placeholder during the pandemic, but nothing beats playing in front of fans and feeling the energy of the crowd. So really just looking forward to the reopening of in-person shows.  

Sure. So, what are some of your interests and hobbies when you’re not working?

Hobbies and interests have been put on the back burner this past year. Covid has been a good excuse for me to hunker down at home and focus on producing. I’ve had tunnel vision developing my sound and growing as an artist

What’s next for you in 2021?

I’m really looking forward to the remainder of 2021. Hoping to have a few more releases through the end of the year with artists it’s been an honor to work with. Also, have my fingers crossed that I’ll be playing shows this summer and fall…So stayed tuned!