Casting For New TV Series Beauty and the Beast: The Nature Of Beauty

C4’s new series Beauty and the Beast confronts our society’s obsession with looks and aims to challenge people’s perception of beauty.This six part series, produced by betty for Channel 4, will place two people who are defined and/or define themselves by the way they look (and who might have different notions about what constitutes beauty) in close proximity to each other.They will be challenged to look beyond the mirror and step into the shoes of someone for whom looks have a completely different meaning.

Both participants will share their perspectives and experiences and question each other’s feelings and attitudes to looks, beauty and vanity.

Our participants will get to live together in a specially constructed space. Over a number of days, they will explore each others lives in the real world.

Alongside the experiences of our two main contributors, we’re planning a series of revealing reports looking at how society as a whole responds to looks, how we are affected by pressure from the beauty industry, and questioning the history and science of attraction.


Channel 4 are looking for people to take part in a groundbreaking new TV series about society’s attitude to beauty.

Are your looks of vital importance to you? Or do you know somebody who will go to extreme measures to look beautiful?

Do you or does someone you know spend hours in front of the mirror and would leaving the house without looking your best sound like a nightmare?

Do you feel judged, and do you or someone you know judge others, on looks?

We are looking for contributors to take part in an immersive lifestyle experience that uncovers attitudes to looks and beauty.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, or sounds like somebody you know who you’d like to put forward, please get in touch for more information via [email protected] or call Louise 0207 907 4868.

Applicants must be over 18.