"Falling For You was written as a love letter whilst one of us was going through a break-up and it is essentially your former self reaching out to how you felt when the relationship was fresh and that buzz of falling in love and feeling the highs of it again."
15 April 2021

By Frank Bell

Kent-based, band Castells – Connor Crooks (vocals, guitar), Robert Castelino (guitar), Matt Chittenden (bass), and Marc Smith (drums) – present their engaging indie-pop gem Falling For You.

Hi Castells how are you?

Hi FM, we’re doing great! Thank you very much for having us. Hoping you are all feeling fine despite this crazy year we’ve been through too!

Yes we are grand thank you!… You’ve released new single ‘Falling For You’, can you tell us about the themes contained within the song?

Yes, we have, we adore this song. It’s been one of our favorites and we’ve loved watching it grow from some simple scribbles and doodles on a piece of paper into the Indie-Pop power it’s become today. Falling For You in its basic form was written within the space of about 20 minutes and the themes came to our heads almost instantly. The song was written as a love letter whilst one of us was going through a break-up and it is essentially your former self reaching out to how you felt when the relationship was fresh and that buzz of falling in love and feeling the highs of it again. We’ve all been in that head over heels moment and we forget how good it is right up until you don’t have the relationship anymore.

How does the creative process work as a band when coming up with new music?

Normally it all starts from Rob’s (lead guitarist) bedroom studio. That’s where Castells was born and where we develop most of our new sounds. Normally one of us will come up with a sound, riff, drum beat or melody that kicks off a whole world of creativity. Quite often we’ll produce up a demo and take it to the practice studio to see how all the parts work together. If it plays terrible, it’s back to the drawing board! The most important thing is to be able to provide our fans with the best quality showcasing of their favourite songs of ours!

Has the pandemic impacted the art you create?

Honestly? We’re kinda (semi) killing it. Initially, we hit a wall, unable to visit each other, not socializing. It was really really hard. However as time stretched longer, and we realized there wasn’t a clear way out of the lockdown tunnels, we turned to Zoom sessions. As simple as screen sharing, and being able to see and hear your fellow bandmates meant we could continue to write music, and due to all of the time we had off work with furlough, we were able to focus days and days of our time on writing some fresh new bangers! So many songs that we are dying to show to the world!!! On the flip side, not gigging has been the worst thing ever and we will sulk about it until things clear up. We are all for the importance of keeping everybody safe, that’s priority number one. But everybody is missing their ‘something’ that helps them to keep a good frame of mind.

As a Kent-based band, does the local scene influence the type of music you produce?

To be honest with you we think our location does influence us subconsciously. We’re living right in between the peaceful country and also the busy city of London. When we’re not particularly busy and our minds are more relaxed due to our quiet location we tend to write some more chilled pop songs. When we are writing our heavier songs however we always think of crowd engagement, usually crazy London crowds. The jumpy parts we want hard hitting, choruses we want big and sing-along, basically we want the crowd involvement to be at its best. When we are writing with the crowd in mind we tend to picture playing the songs at venues we have either played before or been to as an audience member and 99% of the time those venues would have been in busy London.

How has the music industry changed since you began playing in bands?

Maybe just the way that people engage with your music. It’s far more about streams and getting on playlists now, but when we were in our school-time bands (Castells originating from two separate bands from schools around Kent) it was more about how many copies of a song you could sell on iTunes. However, YouTube, SoundCloud, and the other big leagues were important.

Where do you think your style of music fits in today’s industry?

We believe our music is perfectly suited to today’s industry. Music is so diverse now we believe as long as what you’re doing is truthful and relatable people will want to hear it no matter the genre or sound. Our music is such a mixture of genres we think there is a song in our arsenal for everyone.

If you were stranded on a desert island which three albums would you choose to wash up on the shore?

That’s a hard one! Individually we would all have very different answers but if we were all on an island together and hadn’t killed each other by the point of the albums arriving it would have to be; Fleetwood Mac – Rumours, The 1975 – The 1975 and Kings of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak. We think ABBA’s song SOS would suit the mood pretty well but the rest of the album may drive us a little insane. You can only party to ABBA for so long!

With live performances on hold at the moment do you have any plans to find different ways to connect to your fans?

Funny you ask because just the other day we hosted our first ever private zoom chat with some of our followers. We did a bit of a competition on our instagram and we picked a small handful of people to join us. We had a great laugh talking about our lockdown hobbies, Music and we also got too carried away doing silly impressions of cartoon characters. Rob (guitarist) does a great Shaggy from Scooby-Doo where as Marc’s (drummers) Stewie Griffin impression is not quite as good to put it politely! One of our followers who joined us was connected all the way from Norway which was amazing and still blows our mind. We will definitely be doing more of those in the future.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

We’re releasing our debut EP in May so we are super excited about that. We also have our first headline gig in September at the Grace in Islington which you can imagine we are so stoked for. Other than that we’re just planning on writing and releasing new music. We plan on releasing new material every few months so if all goes well we will be having a busy year release-wise. Another plan we have is to hit the studio later in the year to record music which will kick start our 2022 in the right way!