FM Premiere: Cassy London shares pop gem ‘Yellow Bricks’

"It symbolizes having the confidence to build and follow your own road"
7 October 2022

By Frank Bell

Cassy London’s Yellow Bricks is an ideal follow-up to her admired single ‘New Age’. An alt-pop gem that’s a bit offbeat and quirky, Yellow Bricks is perfect for those who are looking for upbeat pop with a dynamic blend of influences.

This inventive pop track is a perfect example of Cassy’s talent, blending rich tones with vibrant harmony. The result is an infectious sound that breaks down limitations and goes towards establishing Cassy as one of the most distinctive artists on the rise today.

One of the main themes of this song is self-worth. Cassy shows she can have a good time, no matter what obstacles may be in her way.

Cassy talks about the message of the song:Yellow Bricks symbolizes having the confidence to build and follow your own road, while up against the people that want to stand between you and your greatness.”

She has been blessed with opportunities to work with both big US & European producers (Beyonce, Icona Pop, Red Velvet) and also to be mentored by iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame songwriter Jeff Barry. Cassy’s lifelong ties to classical music can be heard in her new songs.

Raised in Southern California, she cites Imagine Dragons, Gwen Stefani and Celine Dion as some of her greatest inspirations. A creative at heart, from songwriting to visuals, Cassy involved with every part of the process. When you listen to her songs, you won’t be able to ignore the distinct Cassy experience transmitted via the fresh sound and lush visuals.

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