Casino Dress Code And Etiquette

Hitting the casino with your girls can be one hell of a night. You can dress up nicely, put your favourite high heels on and prepare for a party of a lifetime. After all, blockbusters like Casino (1995), Casino Royale (2006) and Ocean’s Eleven (2001) made casino action seem as thrilling as ever; visiting the right casino can be the perfect combination of glamour and entertainment.

Even the rise of online gambling is helping gambling in general to become relevant and popular among the millennials. More and more young adults choose to take part in online gambling and even play Live Casino Games. However, sometimes nothing beats the real deal in a fancy brick and mortar casino; and for a smooth and fun experience, it is crucial to be familiar with the casino dress code and etiquette.

Dressing Properly for a Casino Night Out

Choosing your right attire for a casino adventure may depend on the dress code set by the facility; other times, you may simply want to follow common sense. Keep in mind that more and more gambling venues want to keep things smart and elegant.

Therefore, top gambling facilities would require business formal attire. Generally, work clothes would cover this dress code; for the ladies this would mean a smart dress, a jacket and stockings. Sometimes high heels are required, but these days they have become optional. For the gentlemen, business formal and semiformal are quite the same thing; therefore, a nice suit and a shirt, topped with a tie, will do the trick.

Another dress code often found at casinos worldwide is business casual. This is probably the most commonly found dress code too, thus it’s crucial to be familiar with it. For women, business casual would include a skirt or elegant pants. This should be combined with a shirt or a sweater, but no cleavage is acceptable. Men, on the other hand, could pull it off with a sport coat or a blazer, a dress shirt and khakis.

Casino Proper Etiquette

Now you’ve got covered the dress code, you must be prepared to behave properly i.e. get familiar with the proper casino etiquette. Shortly put, casino visitors should be patient, be mindful to other players, know the game rules and keep electronics out of the floor. Being patient, more precisely, refers to taking a seat at a table or a slot machine. Regardless whether you literally came for that one game in the casino, you simply must respect other players that got there before you. This is closely related to being mindful to other players; you mustn’t ruin other tablemates comfort, so you can use cup holders and
stay away from smelly foods like garlic.

Another proper etiquette would be to keep electronics off the casino floor and if you really must take a call, then take it away from the table. Finally, one of the most important rules of casino etiquette, alongside the dress code, is knowing the game rules. You just cannot spend other players’ time and ruin
the game because you don’t the rules. Thus, read them before going to the casino and be prepared.