Carter Ray and Fia Nyxx team up for breathtaking cover of duet ‘Dancing With A Stranger’

Ray's vocals are dulcet and subdued while Fia's lively performance brings some captivating powerhouse drama to this moody number.
24 October 2022
Carter Ray closeup portrati

Multitalented artist and influential LGBTQ+ advocate and trans activist Carter Ray has teamed up with Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer/Hollywood Glamster Fia Nyxx to share their rendition of the Sam Smith and Normani bop Dancing With A Stranger.

In 2014, Carter began documenting his female-to-male transition online with the intention of raising awareness and helping spread a hopeful message of love and validity to young trans folks everywhere, as well as a message he felt the lack of when growing up himself: that no dream is too big.

Apart from his 300k TikTok followers and over 35 Million views as an LGBTQ+ advocate and trans activist on the platform to date, Carter is also an experienced filmmaker and tv persona, boasting the title of ‘Best Drama’ at the QueerX LA Film Festival for his debut short film, The Change Up, and appearances in MTV’s FAKING IT and Tool of America with John Cena. He has also previously been featured in We Write About Music, Out Front Magazine, and recently performed for Scenes Media Live Sessions.

Fia Nyxx recorded her first album, Everything Girl, at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. under the musical direction of Will McFarlane (Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Bobby “Blue” Bland), Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna) and features players from the iconic Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, ‘The Swampers.’ A seasoned performer, she has already toured the U.S. and Asia, and has been featured on the back cover of Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone, among others.

A sleek and understated selection from the Sam Smith catalog, Dancing With A Stranger, outlines the melancholic narrative of two people looking to get an ex off their mind by falling into the arms of another. This cover features a bit more of a dreamy, club sound than the original and really showcases individual vocal abilities which balance each other out beautifully. Ray’s vocals are dulcet and subdued while Fia’s lively performance brings some captivating powerhouse drama to this moody number. Stream Dancing With A Stranger via Spotify or watch the music video via Youtube below.