Carson Aday and ‘Fade Away’ explore our shared fears

"Do the things that meant so much to me then still mean that much to me now?"
30 November 2023

By Ella Gaynor

Up-and-coming artist in the Indie-pop-rock scene Carson Aday delights fans with his third release of the year. His new track, Fade Away, highlights the artist’s internal struggle, battling to maintain his core values of religion and morality as he becomes further engrossed in the music industry.

It’s a fear we all explore as we grow older: Do the things that meant so much to me then still mean that much to me now? What can be held on to, and what must we let go? In Aday’s case, the plea is clear; he wants to hold true to all that he believes in, for his values to keep strong in the chaos of the music industry.

Though the song’s message and Aday’s vocals are serious, the tune is upbeat, and catchy, with a 90s pop-rock hook that’ll have you listening on repeat. It’ll be no surprise to those not already familiar with Carson Aday’s music that the artist names 90s alt-rock band The Strokes as one of his key influences.

Fade Away was recorded in Pachyderm studios, an epicenter of alt-rock in Minnesota, where Nirvana recorded In Utero back in 93. Though Aday has grown and developed as a multi-instrumental solo artist, he enlisted the musical prowess of drummer Jonathan Peace and bassist Payton Seiler to record Fade Away. The result of their collaborative efforts on this latest track is breathtaking.

Don’t let the barrage of 90s influences fool you, because Carson Aday is keeping it fresh. The artist has worked with a hotlist of award-winning producers and has sold-out gigs across America, and his popularity is catching like a fever. In Fade Away , the serious message delivered to a high-energy tune is reminiscent of global sensation Harry Styles’ track As it Was. But Carson Aday is a standalone talent.

Fade Away contains both frank lyricism and expansive soundscapes: mesmerising guitar, and rhythmic drumbeats. It’s new and old school wrapped in one, and Carson Aday is the glue that binds it all beautifully together.