Carol Vorderman, Rufus Hound and Donna Air go back to school as Take Five – the straightforward & impartial advice to help everyone protect themselves from preventable financial fraud – induct them into Scam Academy. Watch Alexis Conran guiding the celebs in replicating a phone scam and demonstrating how easily we can be manipulated.

The advice is that we should always #TakeFive: stop and think so we don’t fall into scammers’ traps over the phone or online.
Carol Vorderman said “As a victim of financial fraud myself, I think Scam Academy is an excellent way to raise awareness of a very serious issue. Personally, I found the number spoofing terrifying and I didn’t realise it could be so convincing. I’ll definitely Take Five in future to double check who it is I’m responding to.”

Donna Air added: “I was shocked by what I learnt at Scam Academy. It was a real eye-opener into the tactics scammers use to get your financial details. Since being at the Scam Academy, I’ve had a conversation with my friends and family about how important it is to ‘Take Five’ when it comes to disclosing financial details.”Rufus Hound also said: “I decided to get involved in the Take Five campaign as my wife and I have been victims of fraud ourselves. I couldn’t believe how far these scammers will go to lure financial and personal details from people. Hopefully this campaign will raise awareness of a serious issue and encourage people to Take Five before they give out any financial and personal details.”

#TakeFive to stop fraud.