Carmela shares personal and intense rendition of ‘Born to Lose You’

"Regardless of who you've lost, this song is for you"
6th July 2023

Straight out of the vibrant city of LA, Carmela, the super talented artist that is all about mixing different styles, just released a raw and unplugged acoustic rendition of her latest track Born to Lose You.

She continues to fascinate the crowds with her amazing blend of rock, blues, soul and folk. Her sultry, soulful voice and vintage-inspired instrumentals give indie rock a fresh and exciting vibe.

In this live recording, we’ve got an awesome all-female ensemble. Carmela absolutely kills on vocals, and the beautiful sounds of violins and a baby grand piano add to the magic.

This stripped-down version of the new single lets you really feel the emotions behind Carmela‘s heartfelt lyrics. This is an intimate experience which will leave you completely absorbed in music.

At first, Born to Lose You seemed like a breakup song, but for Carmela, it carries a much deeper message. She reveals:

“I wrote this song as an exploration of losing a parent before resolving any underlying issues. I believe that we are destined to experience the loss of our parents first, and coming to terms with this has been one of the most challenging aspects of my young-adulthood. Although it carries a weight, what made this rendition so exceptional was performing it in its stripped-down form alongside Julie Clark on piano, Maile Hutchinson and Rachel Grace on violins. This version of ‘Born to Lose You’ allows listeners to truly delve into the lyrics and relate them to their own personal stories of loss. Regardless of who you’ve lost, this song is for you.”

Her last release follows the success of her debut album, New Stranger, released in August 2022. Producer Joe Corcoran, the mastermind behind this work, has contributed to tremendous success for artists such as Korn, Dave Matthews Band and even the legendary Michael Jackson.

Carmela‘s got some serious vocals and a whole lot of energy, which is why she’s quickly making a name for herself in the music biz. She’s definitely one to watch!

Photo by Jonathan Edzant