Psychedelia seems to be seeping into music more and more these days, and I’ve gotta say, its definitely not a bad thing. CARALIS have done just this will their second single ‘Be Automatic’ and they’ve only gone and made it a free track as well!

The video mirror’s the track’s distorted and psychedelic style, with some rather arty visuals and effects that your eyes might need some adjusting for. The premise is pretty straight forward however; the camera follows Dan Frau as he walks reflectively along some sort of river bank – which is always a winner.

Following on from their debut release ‘Clicks In’, ‘Be Automatic’ is a track which is full of atmospheric tones as well as some pretty dark and ominous synth vibes that will make your ears stand bolt upright.

This is all carried perfectly by lead singer Dan Frau’s expressive vocal which emulates singer’s such as Thom Yorke and Matt Bellamy’s haunting tone.

All in all, ‘Be Automatic’ is a great follow-up track for the CARALIS lads; it brings in a modern sound whilst also keeping in those old-school rock vibes for those who are slightly weary of that deep synth sound.