Captain Casanova 2Aarhus, Denmark based trio Captain Casanova, depict their sound as “Intense, fearless and inviting” and introduce to FM their winning formula of uplifting and honest grunge-infused garage rock of their latest offering titled ‘Futures’ (out now via Tapetown Records).

“The song is written as an explanation and a goodbye to the son of my former girlfriend,” explains guitarist and singer Rasmus Bredvig. “It’s also a song about the frustration of losing and not wanting to lose that naïve point of view where you think something will last forever.”

Hi Captain Casanova, how are you today?

Rather well – the sun is out which is a rare thing here in Denmark!

Please introduce yourselves and let us know what you play.

Markus plays bass, Jakob plays drums and Rasmus plays guitar and sings.

What’s ‘Futures’ all about?

It’s a goodbye to the son of my ex-girlfriend. I was very close with him and the relationship ended a bit chaotic so I never felt like I got the chance to have a proper goodbye. I wanted him to know that I really care a lot .

If you guys could write any other genre, what kind of band do you think you’d become?

A synthesizer playing doom-disco Space band. Wearing a mix from the wardrobe of Rick James, Boney M and Abba! That or a very aggressive version of Sonic Youth inspired noize.

If you could date any artist who would that be and why?

We’d date the whole Monty Python gang, so we could ask them if they really know the meaning of life or if that album was just a hoax!Captain Casanova 3Did you guys always want to be musicians growing up?

We (Markus and Jakob) have pretty much played music all our lifes in one way or another!
I (Rasmus) have a photo of me and my grandfather standing on cushions with teddy bears under our arms, playing old tennis-rackets in front of my grand-grand father.
I think I was 3 years old. I never felt connected to anything else really

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Intense, fearless and inviting

Now describe your look in 2.

Quite careless

Describe your attitude in 1.


Finally what can we expect from ‘Captain Casanova’ in the upcoming months?

We don’t even know ourselves – there’s a lot of different options on the table at the moment.
But there will probably be some live-material hitting the Internet which people should definitely check out.
We did a Live Singles session at Tapetown Studio, which we are looking forward to seeing the video-material from! The editor said its crazy – let’s see what that means!?