Cannes in a Van to take on the majors

Film is in Transit and the journey starts here as the biggest film festival in the world… meets the smallest film festival in the world. The world’s smallest mobile cinema meets the industry’s biggest film festival,
as – from the back of a vegetable oil powered van – the CiaV crew and a projector, screen almost a hundred selected films, from festival award-winners to the seriously underground, sourced from across the brilliance of independent filmmaking.

Guerrilla cinema takes on the Cannes Film Festival from 15-26th May and this time it’s going green

A not-for-profit venture, Cannes in a Van was conceived late one hazy night by Art Director Andy Greenhouse and TV graphics artist Simon Harris, inspired by a shared passion for film.

Not only are the films green, but so is the van. The long drive down will be fueled this time only by vegetable oil! A simple engine conversion by environmental fuel developers Blomming Futures is all it takes to cut CO2 emissions right down.

Andy leaves today and intends to speed across France in 25 hours to screen a new international selection of independent film including a ‘green-film’ showcase, screening the results of ‘The Green Film Prize’ competition, in association with MovieScope magazine.

Cannes in a Van 2008 film selections include:
The Birds-Eye-View Film Festival; The End-Of-The-Pier Film Festival; Rushes Soho Shorts; The Green Film Prize; Bitesize Cinema; Channel Four’s 3 Minute Wonders; FourDocs; Halloween Society

Other films confirmed: Black But White; Barnet Shuffle; Palingenesia; Miss Communication; Safe Zone; A Call Of Nature; Joyeux Anniversaire Maman; Bitten; Racing Daylight; The Helsinki Affair; Je Suis Un Robot; The Cannes in a Van ’07 documentary; Lumps; Shhh; Gasoline Blood; Great & Small; Toenails; Expresso; Ignorance; More to be confirmed. (Check website for confirmations as they happen).

The Movieum of London and Le Movieum de Paris are unique interactive film attractions in the heart of their Capitals entertaining the public with a unique look behind the scenes of the Filmmaking and the Industry.

Jonathan Sands, chairman of the Movieum says ” The Movieum is dedicated to Film Makers, especially new and up and coming talent in the UK and France. We are proud to be sponsoring Cannes in a Van and highlighting the fact that there is so much creative talent out there, and we are proud to be able to offer the Movieum as a platform and destination for filmmakers to be able to screen their productions, both in London and in Paris”

This event is in line with The Movieum Club, which opens on June 1st in London, which provides film makers with a facility to be able to get together and get creative.