Canary Complex and ‘The Tragic Dance of the Dying Leaves’ bring you to a wonderful landscape of sound

“The sound of soft oil colors, impressionism and a lust for life”
20 April 2023

Flood District guitarist Kasey, an artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is responsible for the awe-inspiring sounds of Canary Complex. The project’s new album The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves is a surprising mix of baroque pop, rock and avant-garde pop mixed with sweet vibrations and melodies.

Canary Complex describes his music as: “The sound of soft oil colors, impressionism and a lust for life.”

The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves releases a chill and intriguing ambience with its experimental but not too far-fetched tunes.

As soon as you hear EDEN with its 80’s feel and a glimpse of The Smiths, you know it’s gonna be amazing. You’re transported into a wonderful landscape of sound.

The Alchemist, takes you somewhere more serene and dreamy until it ends the album.

The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves gives us a glimpse into a different world, like the works of Monet and Renoir. It’s almost like you’ve been transported to a peaceful, romantic past.

This album was created with care with a powerful idea in mind: the impressionist style. Canary Complex‘s music and songwriting talent shines through in his work. His music is a superb mix of light colours and life-long appreciation.

It all began when When I Say Rain… came out. This collection of songs has been designed to help him heal and get through difficult moments using honest and raw indie music. He added more depth to the sound by recording every single instrument and vocal part individually in his studio.

The follow-up album The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves brings together so many different styles such as visual kei from Japan, bossa nova from the 80s, French chansons, modern indie rock and 60s baroque pop. It’s an eclectic and fascinating combination.