Camille Jansen unveils enthralling visuals for lush single ‘Loose Screw’

"I like to add some subtle humour in my work, whether it’s in the visuals or the words”
7 June 2024

Camille Jansen, the Franco-British sensation, is back in the limelight with her latest ​g​em, Loose Screw. This provocative new single is merely a teaser for her forthcoming project, The Loose Screws, promising a sonic adventure like never before. The intriguing video for the track was directed by Joe Bird, filmed by Mike McMillin, and features a custom coat made by Beth Lewis.

Jansen reveals: “I wrote Loose Screw with my friend Devon Ross who came up with this riff and immediately it made me think of ‘loose screws’ the title of the project and the first song on the track list – a broken down car as a metaphor for a broken relationship and coming to the realisation that often times no one is going to save you but yourself. The feeling of freedom in helplessness when you have to surrender to the way life turned out for you. As for the visuals I wanted to continue playing with this ‘on the road’ theme by having me walk from the desert to the ocean; all whilst being on my boyfriend’s shoulders as to resemble an abnormally tall girl. I like to add some subtle humour in my work, whether it’s in the visuals or the words.”

After the acclaim of her debut EP Louise in 2021 and recent chart-topping singles such as Was Always You and Take A Little Off My Plate, Camille captivates once again with her unique blend of folk, country, and experimental rock.

Between Paris and LA, Camille forged her unique path, fueled by raw energy and creative curiosity, shaping an ever-evolving soundscape. From childhood road trips serenaded by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, Camille’s storytelling prowess evolved into a profound talent for songwriting.

From the first note, her music emanates radical vulnerability. Every lyric, every melody, echoes the highest highs and lowest lows of her life. In a sea of fast fashion, Camille stands out with her refreshingly retro style, which is equal parts nostalgic and respectful of the past. It’s a unique flair that’s won her spots in esteemed publications like L’Officiel and the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. 

Camille Jansen blends classic Americana with a modern twist in her latest venture, The Loose Screws. You’re suddenly a traveler in her world, where the intertwined languages of music and vision speak directly to your soul, nudging you to bare your own creative spirit.

This project is going to dazzle audiences from around the world, confirming her status as a superstar in the making.