Camille Jansen delivers poetic introspection and global reflections in ‘The Loose Screw’

"Someday I will have a table from the few loose screws I picked up along the way, one day I will have enough screws to build myself a table to eat on” 
5 July 2024

Across the expertly woven tracks of The Loose Screw, Camille Jansen conjures an intimate atmosphere, conjuring the listener on a captivating quest for musical self-discovery.

Camille Jansen, a French-British songstress, boldly blends folk, country, and experimental rock in her latest album, The Loose Screw, creating a soundscape that distinctly showcases her artistic voice. With Loose Screw as our guide, the album plunges headfirst into the depths of human emotion, Jansen’s words weaving a spell that’s both intensely personal and searingly relatable. With The Loose Screw, you’re invited to immerse yourself in a richly textured sonic landscape, where eight compelling tracks await discovery. 

The lead single rallies behind a busted car as a symbol of finding inner strength in life’s most wobbly moments. With Was Always You, Jansen fondly looks back on her American experience, setting the stage for the deeply moving Rocky Revolution. This next track passionately tackles the sense of powerlessness that can emerge when faced with global crises. A standout moment in the album, The Right Time, layers Jansen’s ethereal vocals over dreamy production, emphasizing the importance of self-peace post-breakup—a recurrent theme of self-growth across the album. With Reggie’s Lullaby, the emotional temperature drops, providing a tranquil oasis for listeners to catch their breath and ruminate. 

Take A Little Off My Plate speeds up the pace, allowing Jansen to strip away the noise and pinpoint the essence of who she is. The sting of a breakup gets a fierce soundtrack in Mimi And Moe. Jansen’s voice, heart-wrenching and raw, partners with chugging guitar riffs to create a sound that’s both heavy and honest, laying bare her artistry’s unguarded side. With The Ballad Of A Missing Woman, the album goes out with abang, Jansen’s powerful voice painting a vivid picture of a real-life crime drama as the music swirls around her in an atmospheric crescendo. Her work is instantly recognizable – a sweet symphony of delicate nuances and quiet introspection that reward close listening. 

This project, The Loose Screw, is like a cozy mystery solved. You get pieces of a protagonist who’s at once finding themselves, forming deep connections with the universe, and struggling to reconcile the isolation that comes with leaving the familiar behind.

Discussing the album, Jansen reflects on her continuous quest to understand the intricate weave of her experiences and the world around her, stating: ”The quest for understanding the world around me, whether it’s myself, the people I meet along the way or beyond that, finding more spiritual connections and meanings to why the present and the past have turned out the way it has. An explanation to things I never even knew I needed to know. Between the excitement and rush that comes with visiting new places and diving into what the locals enjoy doing in their spare time,there’s always been this eerie sense of loneliness at the end of the day. It still follows me to this day and I don’t think it ever will go away; and to be honest I don’t think I want it to go away. Someday I will have a table from the few loose screws I picked up along the way, one day I will have enough screws to build myself a table to eat on” 

Residing between LA and Paris, Jansen grew up influenced by iconic songwriters like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, which sparked her passion for storytelling and songwriting. With her 2021 debut, she set the music world abuzz, chalking up millions of streams and rave reviews while staying true to her old-soul vibe and commitment to sustainable fashion, catapulting her to recognition from heavy-hitters like L’Officiel and Paris Fashion Week.

Camille Jansen tapped into something profound with The Loose Screw, stitching together lyrics that cut close to the bone and melodies that burrow deep into the psyche, birthing a sound that’s both intimately hers and unmistakably universal.