California Dreamin’ with The Project: ‘Best Days’ on the horizon

Guiding The Project's sonic journey is none other than James Davis, a well-known figure in the Cali-rock scene as the lead guitarist of the 00s sensation, Shameless
6 December 2023

California’s eternal sunshine isn’t just for surfers and beach lovers – it’s now the backdrop for the electrifying debut of LA rock supergroup, The Project. With their much-anticipated album, Best Days, scheduled for an early 2024 release, The Project is gearing up to share the essence of the West Coast’s musical magic with the world.

Guiding The Project’s sonic journey is none other than James Davis, a well-known figure in the Cali-rock scene as the lead guitarist of the 00s sensation, Shameless. Under Davis’s leadership, Shameless earned acclaim and prestigious awards, including Best Hard Rock Band at the Southern California Music Awards in 2006 and Best Metal Band at the Inland Empire Music Awards in 2006. Now, Davis is taking his musical evolution to new heights with The Project, fusing pop influences with the unmistakable energy of hard rock.

The Project is a powerhouse in its own right, featuring the vocals of Jeff Plant from Shameless and the rhythmic prowess of Pump5 drummer Andre Bonter. Bonter, reflecting on the formation of The Project, passionately declares, “When I see a friend with THAT much talent, and doing nothing with it, it hurts my rock and roll soul, so I put my super drummer cape on to save the day!”

Leading the charge is the titular single, Best Days, a track that grabs listeners from its opening drum fill. A seamless blend of classic and contemporary influences, the song draws inspiration from the giants of rock—Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Rush, and Blink-182—delivering an unparalleled sonic experience. The accompanying private music video offers an exclusive glimpse into The Project’s dynamic synergy and visual aesthetic.

Recorded at Arrowhead West Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Best Days was crafted under the expert guidance of producer Dennis Hill. With a career marked by collaborations with Face to Face, Sammy Hagar, and Montgomery Gentry, Hill brings his magic touch to The Project’s debut. Co-produced and engineered by Steven Barnett of Pump5, and mixed and mastered by Mike Troolines, known for his work with Los Lobos, Ignite, and the Righteous Brothers, the album promises a sonic journey of the highest caliber.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of rock done right or simply yearning for the irresistible allure of Cali-living, The Project invites you to join their sandy beach mosh pit. Best Days will be available on all platforms early next year, promising to be a soundtrack for those seeking the sun-soaked vibes and legendary sounds that only California can provide.