CAIROBI 1Smartly eclectic, international quartet Cairobi – Giorgio Poti (vocals, guitars), Alessandro Marrosu (bass), Salvador Garza (keys) and Aurelien Bernard (drums) – reveal wonderfully vivid visuals created by The Great Sebaldo, for their stunning single ‘Lupo’, which is out now and taken from their debut self-titled and self-produced album, released on 21st October through Week of Wonders. ‘Lupo’ is the perfect example of their world music-esque and yet original, dazzling psych-pop production.

The band explain: “Early this year we received a tweet from The Great Sebaldo, saying that was a fan and he wanted to do a video for us. With quite low expectations (who knows why?!) we went to check out his website, only to find that what he did was very special. We met up the day after and started talking about Lupo…The theme of the video is “change”, “transformation”, “becoming something else”. There’s a double-headed monster turning into a bird, a tree, then a fish being swallowed by the sun and melting into a vortex of colour. We love it!”

Speaking of his health problems (frequent violent migraines), during the recording of the album, after he moved to Berlin, Giorgio says: “I could either stay still, in silence, eyes shut, or take the medication and hope it worked so I could move on with my day,” he recalls. “Even when the medicine worked, it would make me extremely sleepy, so some of the music and lyrics on this record were written in a state of drowsiness. That part wasn’t particularly fun, but maybe it helped me get rid of some filters. Luckily, the headaches stopped after about a year.”

Their debut album ‘Cairobi’ was written in Berlin and, fittingly with their diverse nationalities, was recorded between Berlin, London, Rome and New York.

Live dates:
Wed 10th Italy Contronatura Festival

Fri 23rd-Sat 24th Liverpool Psych Fest