Cadenti drops debut single ‘Bleed’: a nostalgic alt-pop anthem redefining heartbreak

An anthem for those poignant moments when love slips through our fingers
18 October 2023

Chris Paul Martin, the creative force behind Cadenti, has unveiled his d​ebut single, Bleed, a romantic ballad cocooned in a modern soundscape that nods to the golden era of pop. Out now and making waves, the latest alternative-pop sonic number explores the realms of love and heartbreak.

Having spearheaded the triumph of the acclaimed ensemble W O L F CL U B, Chris Paul Martin has firmly etched his presence in the musical landscape.​ With millions of streams and a global tour under his belt, Martin steps into the spotlight with Cadenti, showcasing a new dimension to his ​w​ork. The cinematic ambiance he brought to the soundtrack of the 2021 film Infamous is echoed in the dreamy soundscape of Bleed, creating an immersive experience for listeners.

Bleed ​works as a love letter penned in the language of heartbreak and hope. Cadenti reveals that the track originated on a broken guitar in the picturesque setting of Italy, and through a creative metamorphosis, it evolved into the retro-pop ​g​em we hear today. The infectious synths, punchy drums, and funky guitar riffs interlace seamlessly, creating a musical tapestry that harkens back to the heyday of pop while embracing a contemporary edge.

Beyond the catchy hooks and irresistible beats, Bleed possesses a unique charm—an anthem for those poignant moments when love slips through our fingers. Whether it’s the soundtrack to a windows-down drive or the emotional swell of a night out, Cadenti‘s debut single captures the multifaceted nature of love and heartache.

The artist’s ability to seamlessly blend his electronic roots with a retro-pop aesthetic is a testament to his musical versatility. Bleed stands as a testament to Cadenti‘s artistic evolution and a promise of more to come. As audiences worldwide tune in to the soulful echoes of Cadenti‘s Bleed, it’s evident that this alt-pop virtuoso is poised to make his mark on the genre, one heartstring at a time.