Cable Street Collective shine with ‘Wonderland’

Based around an intriguing African-influenced guitar vibe, ‘Wonderland’, serve as a richly uplifting introduction to London 6-piece Cable Street Collective return.

“Lyrically, it uses Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor for a relationship” says the band. “And the sometimes uncomfortable ways it can make you feel like you’ve lost control of yourself, or forget who you are.”

Cable Street Collective’s Tristan Kennedy adds…“We’re massively inspired by African music” says Tristan, “80s Congolese soukous artists like Loketo or Kanda Bongo Man, 90s South African music like Mzwhake Mbuli and more recent groups like Djaaka, Songhoy Blues and Mbogwana Star.”

‘Wonderland’ is out March 30th. The EP ‘Where Now From Here?’ Is out 4th May