By Wednesday share atmospheric indie-pop anthem ‘Hitchcock Hero’

"It reminds me of Interpol's songs where all the instruments add a different flavour to the song and work to create something together"
3 May 2024

Manchester’s By Wednesday presents their newest creation, Hitchcock Hero. This atmospheric indie-pop piece features layered guitar riffs and a tight drum beat, creating a melancholic yet captivating ambiance. With descriptive lyrics and understated vocals, the track echoes the style of early Bloc Party and The Smiths. Offering catchy melodies and alternative musicality, Hitchcock Hero invites listeners into its emotive soundscape.

Speaking about the single, Conor (singer/lead guitarist in By Wednesday) provides insight into its creation: “This song started with an idea Rob (our bassist) recorded at home and put in our shared Google Drive. We all worked on our parts and played it through at band practice and quickly turned it into a progressive track. The song is based around a moody bassline that builds throughout the song as all the other parts build around it. The drum beat helps drive this song and almost offset the moody vibe. It reminds me of Interpol’s songs where all the instruments add a different flavour to the song and work to create something together.

Lyrically it’s not about anything or anyone specific. I tend to write a lot of verses or phrases that I think would work in a song on my phone before there’s any music for them. Then I put them together when we have the music for them and there’s a theme that links them. The line about “Hitchcock Hero” comes from a theme in Alfred Hitchcock films where the main character is falsely accused of a crime or an act and then pursued for the rest of the film. You could say this song is about the type of person who thinks a lot of themselves, thinks they’re always right and likes to play the victim even when they’re wrong – I’m sure most of us have met that type of person before.”

Supported by acclaimed promoters including This Feeling, The Pentatonic & The Future Sounds Project, the band continues to deliver electrifying performances around Manchester. Now, with their latest release, By Wednesday is poised to make a splash on a national scale, showcasing their best work to date and solidifying their position as one of indie music’s most exciting acts.