Burney explores new territory with ‘In Love With The Idea’

"It’s about falling for someone but having question marks about whether they feel the same - something that SUCKS but many of us have experienced"
11th December 2023

Surrey-native rapper Burney fearlessly ventures into unexplored musical territory with his latest track, In Love With The Idea. This compelling mid-tempo piece delves into the captivating yet deceptive essence of idealized love, untangling the emotional intricacies of projecting fantasies onto beloved individuals.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, Burney shares, “For me, this track really pushes the boat out across the board – I don’t know many rappers in the UK making music like this. It’s definitely the most vulnerable I’ve been in my songwriting and I’m super proud of how the production matches that energy. The guitar solos behind the second verse sound HUGE and it’s refreshing to step out of my comfort zone and create something that sounds so massive and beautiful. The idea for the song came about during a time when I was unsuccessfully dating quite a bit, and I said to a friend of mine “they don’t love me, they just love the idea of me.” It’s about falling for someone but having question marks about whether they feel the same – something that SUCKS but many of us have experienced.”

A departure from conventional hip-hop, In Love With The Idea pays homage to classic hip-hop while infusing a modern twist and warm elements from 70s and 80s R&B/soul. Following the success of Burney’s recent single, Tie Me Down, this new release takes listeners on an introspective, cathartic journey, seamlessly blending storytelling and musical prowess with undeniable whip-appeal vibes.

In Love With The Idea was endorsed by Kiss FM presenter DJ Semtex, known for his keen eye for hip-hop talent. DJ Semtex recognized Burney’s appeal and lyrical flow, recently reposting his entry for Wordplay Magazine’s Novembars competition.

Burney’s journey gained momentum in 2021 with the vibrant single San Pellegrino, recognized by BBC Introducing The South as their track of the week. Notably, the track also received acknowledgment from San Pellegrino, solidifying Burney’s rising reputation. Returning after a hiatus with renewed creativity, recent releases like Crazy Enough and Best Friends / Demons set the stage for a captivating series of tracks in 2023, exploring themes of self-discovery and love post-toxic relationships.

Hailing from the serene hills of Surrey, Burney’s distinctive style weaves smooth vocals with neo-soul, rap, and dance influences. Having graced prestigious stages like The Isle of Wight Festival, Burney has evolved from his roots in the collective Dirtbag By Association to establish himself as a solo artist.
In Love With The Idea not only highlights Burney’s musical evolution but also demonstrates his openness to vulnerability, offering a promising blend of genres that is truly remarkable.