Buffy Sainte-Marie’s masterful album ‘Power in the Blood’, was announced as Winner of 2015 Polaris Music Prize .

Speaking about the news, the multifaceted and highly successful singer-songwriter says: “I’ve got an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, a couple of Junos and a Gemini Award — this is the only one I ever heard that gives the artist money. It’s real important, it’s becoming almost impossible for an artist to tour with a band and with instruments.” Buffy PowerInTheBlood On her stunning album ‘Power in the Blood’, the stimulating 74-year-old artist says: “I wrote all but two songs – which I recorded in Toronto with three different producers, who each made choices from my list of songs. There are 4 love songs, 3 social criticisms, 1 blues rocker, 2 songs positive-uppers, 1 campfire song, and a reboot of the title song off my first album, It’s My Way!

I want to send out huge thank you to my manager, Gilles Paquin, and to Geoff Kulawick of True North Records, for putting me in touch and supporting my work with the three producers: Michael Wojewoda, Chris Birkett and Jon Levine.

While each producer recorded with me separately bringing their respective arsenal of unique musicians, we collaborated on completing the album, with Michael doing the final mixes to bring together our various styles. For me, the experience was quite wonderful!

My own fabulous drummer from our touring band, Mike Bruyere (Muniidobenese), plays on ‘Not the Lovin Kind’ and ‘Sing Our Own Song.’

On the universality of her music and powerful lyrics she says: “I love words, I love thinking, and I recognize and value the core of a universal idea simplified into a three-minute song…What appeals to me in folk music are the songs that have lasted for generations, but I wasn’t trying to be one of those guys. I want to give people something original.”

Sainte-Marie’s international hit ‘Until It’s Time for You to Go’ was recorded by Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Barbara Streisand and Cher and ‘Universal Soldier’ became the anthem of the peace movement…