Check the new lyric video for the forthcoming single ‘Paper Airplanes’ from Buck 65.Buck said: “For a while now, people have been saying that the music I make doesn’t exactly sound like hip hop.

I think that’s partly because I often hear hip hop where other people might not. Sometimes I hear it in pre-war blues songs. I hear it in albums like New Values by Iggy Pop or Is This Desire? by PJ Harvey. I hear it in experimental recordings by William S. Burroughs or minstrel songs by Emmett Miller. It’s a curse.

My newest collection of songs is called 20 Odd Years. This time around I went back to the formula that worked so well on Talkin’ Honky Blues – I returned to Halifax to build some songs – from the ground up – with my friends Charles Austin and Graeme Campbell. We also called in a bunch of friends to contribute vocals. Plus, I recorded a song with my old pal Jo Run, who I’ve worked with since the early days. It’s a strange thing for me to consider, but there aren’t many people who were on the hip hop scene in 1990 who are still here today. I’ve seen a lot of talented people come and go in my time.

I have no idea why I’ve lasted when so many others have not. I guess that’s up to you to decide. But despite my best efforts, I’ve never been trendy and maybe that’s had something to do with it.

Twenty years seems like a long time but the thought of slowing down or ‘hanging it up’ has not even crossed my mind. Will I still be at it when I’m 50 years old? I guarantee you that I will. There may not always be an audience, but that didn’t stop me in the beginning…

The official video which was shot by French director Sophie Levy in Paris will premiere on on Monday 9th.