net book
The revolution has begun. There’s now a brand new way to browse the net. With a book! It’s 95% virus free; crash proof; lightweight and portable; with LIMITLESS battery power. And it won’t break if you throw it out of the window. Using ground-breaking new PageTurnTM technology, The Internet now in Handy Book Form is the future of the internet. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in…

Visit Notbitch – the world’s nicest gossip site. Find out what happened to the geek whose dinner money you stole, at Bullies Reunion. Discover what the fairer sex really expects out of a relationship at Surf. Stalk. Get your credit card details stolen. All at the turn of a page.

The Internet now in Handy Book Form is the spoof of the world wide web that we’ve all been waiting for. From blogs to search engines, and from dating sites to pornography, no corner of the internet is left untouched in this wickedly funny satire. In the tradition of The Onion and The Framley Examiner, it’s like Jonathan Swift with wi-fi…

The Internet: Now In Handy Book Form
By David McCandless
Published by Portico Books
RRP £12.99 | Paperback
ISBN: 9781906032005