BROWNSTUDY1:Brownstudy, real name Jason Hogans, shares album’s title track “Life Well Lived”, out March 10th on Third Ear Recordings.

An album that fully showcase the Detroit artist’s polyrhythmic and experimental sound, cementing his place at the forefront of rappers with real lyrical ambition…Charismatic and critical. And self critical.

Hogans explains: “I’ve been doing music in some way since elementary school. Violin, trumpet, piano/keys, electronics, percussion, vocals, etc. Some formal training (classical theory, jazz theory, jazz improv, sight singing/ear training, creative writing), but ultimately relying on my ear & heart.”

He adds: “I’m spanking protocol. I still act like an 18-year-old and pass it off as eccentricity, I’m proud of that. Life’s too short to posture like you’re dignified. Nobody’s anything but carbon, water and a set of circumstances.”