Brooklyn’s Rat Palace unleash dynamic double single ‘Triple Tarp / Toy Soldier’

A captivating blend of psychedelic rock and post-punk vibes
9 April 2024
Photo by Stefanie Murza

Ahead of debut LP release

Emerging from the lively streets of Brooklyn in 2021, Rat Palace was born from the creative minds of Rohit Sai Gopal (guitar/vocals), Julian Cornell (guitar/production), and Ali Zimmerman (bass/vocals). Now, this exciting post-punk ensemble is gearing up to captivate audiences once again with their forthcoming double single release, Triple Tarp / Toy Soldier. Building on the momentum of their debut single, Look My Way , released in February, this dynamic duo of tracks offers a tantalizing preview of their debut LP, Dust-Free Home, slated for release in April.

Triple Tarp lays the groundwork with a straightforward triplet guitar riff, gradually transforming into a captivating blend of psychedelic rock and post-punk vibes. Its introspective lyrics, woven with threads of pride and defiance, draw listeners into an immersive sonic journey. In contrast, Toy Soldier starts with fragmented vocals and pulsating basslines, culminating in a surge of punk-inspired vigor. Featuring melodic guitar interludes and heartfelt vocals, the track embodies the unique and evocative sound that characterizes Rat Palace.

To shed light on the band’s origins…In 2017, Sai Gopal relocated to New York to pursue studies in music technology. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Julian Cornell, a master’s student and Head Audio Engineer at the campus recording studio where Sai Gopal was interning.

Their shared musical interests fostered a quick bond, and after Sai Gopal’s internship concluded, he reached out to Cornell with the proposition of forming a new band. Their collaborative jam sessions revealed a harmonious fusion of styles and approaches to genre-blending songwriting, solidifying their partnership.

“Julian preferred chord progressions with a more playful sound whereas I wanted our music to have a more dark, serious tone,” ​reveals Sai Gopal. “At first there was a bit of a disconnect, but eventually the two different styles started to blend together more naturally and give shape to the Rat Palace sound.”

Photo by Stefanie Murza

To celebrate the release of Triple Tarp / Toy Soldier and anticipate the arrival of their debut LP, Rat Palace will host an album release show on April 24th at the renowned St Vitus bar in New York City. This promises to be an electrifying event, offering fans a chance to immerse themselves in Rat Palace’s sonic universe.

As Rat Palace continues to carve their path in the music scene, Triple Tarp / Toy Soldier stands as an invitation to embark on a sonic ​v​oyage unlike any other, promising an experience that is both exhilarating and deeply resonant.