Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson: Corrie’s first ever lesbian love story will be over soon

Corrie’s first ever lesbian lovers, Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson, spoke to the Sun TV buzz and revealed all.

Brooke explained how she felt when she first kissed her on screen girlfriend Sacha, “It’s not weird, it’s comfortable. I remember after Sacha and I had finished our first ever kiss on Corrie, I said to her: It wasn’t that bad, was it? You’ve actually got really soft lips, she said: ‘So have you, but I didn’t want to say owt.’”

Sadly Sacha has decided to leave Corrie after 3 years, not only will Brooke miss her, but her mum will too!

Sacha revealed to TV buzz, “Brooke’s mum comes up to me and says: You’re dead selfish, how will me and Leigh [Sacha’s mum] be your Plus One’s now?”

Brooke and Sacha have shared some fun times as they told TV buzz, “I used to have a Peugeot 206 – it was like a roller skate, but to us it was the best car ever. One time, the paps were chasing us for some reason. Well, we thought we were Lewis Hamilton. We were doing two-wheelers around the corners!”

They may be close friends and strangely enough they are both dating lads called Josh, but haven’t been on a double date yet.

Are there any plans to move in with their other half’s? Sacha told TV buzz, “We’re both still living at home and the idea was that me and Brooke would get a flat together.”

What a crazy flat that would be! TV buzz asked them both what’s the best thing about each other, Sasha replied, “Brooke’s got a good bum” and Brooke replied, “Sacha! Talk about my personality – not my bum! Alright, Sacha’s got good boobs!” but on a more serious note Brooke told TV buzz, “Sacha’s the only person in my life who understands me.” How very sweet!
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