Hailing from Scotland, indie-rock three piece Broken Boy began in 2013 when brothers Stewart (lead guitar) and Cam (lead vocals) began writing together. With their latest single ‘Just To Leave You’ out, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the future.

Hello Broken Boy how are you?

We are great thank you, really excited about releasing our new single and recording an album.

For the readers who haven’t heard your music before how would you describe your sound?

Stewart: Polished and raw rock pop music that is up tempo and energetic.

Fraser: I think our sound stands out from the rest which is what we are trying to go for.

Cam: Energetic, up beat and catchy

Who are your biggest influences?

Stewart: There is such a massive list of music it would be never ending. I love the guitar work of Jimmy Page, Matt Bellamy and the dude from a band called White Denim. They are all fantastic players

Fraser: As a drummer my influences come from the likes of Keith Moon, but also come from such like Travis Barker. However Barkers still doesn’t come through in our music.

Cam: The people around me personally. I like to watch situations my friends get themselves into and the situations they put me in. A song for me is a way of conveying your emotions. So it’s good to watch life happen and sing about it.

What’s the scene like back home in Scotland?

Stewart: Really strong with loads of bands doing really well. I definitely think the standard of the scene has improved over the last few years. There is a really long list of bands that could go far in the industry who are from Scotland.

Fraser: The music scene in Scotland has its ups and downs like everywhere else but in general the Scottish people are mad for music so this usually comes through in the scene.

Cam: In St. Andrews it’s not great but we are trying to get something started. There are some talented students but there is no real music venue vibe to go see decent live shows. But we are on the case. In Fife, PJ Molloys in Dunfermline is a great place to play. Every time we play there the crowd come out in force and give us an amazing response.Broken Boy4Any bands you would recommend our readers check out from your local scene?

Stewart: Sinderins, Model Aeroplanes, The Mirror trap, Scary People and Vladimir.

Fraser: I’d personally recommend other people to have a listen to ‘The Mirror Trap’ who are currently on a tour with ‘Placebo’. They have a HUGE sound!

Cam: Yeah, for me similar to Stewart, Scary People, Model Aeroplanes and Vladimir

What are the themes contained in your new single?

Stewart: It’s a song about coming of age.

Cam: The song means something different to all of us. For me personally it is all about staying up beat and positive and don’t put up with people trying to control your life decisions. Don’t have a negative attitude or let other peoples negative attitudes influence you. I was listening to Baz Lurmans Everybodys free to wear sunscreen at the time of writing.

How do you go about the songwriting process?

Stewart: Normally one of us has an idea and we build it up from there. It normally stars from a guitar part and melody line then we just keep expanding the idea into a song. Then we realise we need a structure.

Fraser: Initially Cam and Stewart come up with the main melody of the song. They bring it to practise. I try to put a groove to it.

Cam: I don’t believe its really a process as such, it all kind of comes naturally. It can be little things like a guitar lick that sparks something in one of us and we will go away with it and develop it and bring it back to the table. It could also be the idea of something to write about. If you’re feeling in a bad mood or frustrated about something you may want to strum really hard and just doing that can inspire an idea.

Which band or artist would you most like to support given the chance?

Stewart: I would love to support Catfish and the Bottlemen again. We played with them at two stages in their career and even in such a small time they grew massively. They played to 30 of our fans once, then a few months down the line sold out the venue. Now they have a sold out UK tour.

Fraser: Despite Supporting them twice, I would LOVE to support Catfish and The Bottlemen again. I have so much respect for them. They came from nothing and look where they are now. They have done it all themselves.

Cam: Nirvana (Kurt Cobain must be present) it would be a guarantee sell out if he came back from the dead. I guess we just want to play to as many people as we possibly can and hope they enjoy what we do.

What can fans expect from a Broken Boy live show?

Stewart: Wouldn’t want to give too much away and it is hard to describe in writing but basically just three lads enjoying themselves giving all they have for the performance.

Fraser: Electricity in the air, catchy music and a good-looking drummer 😉

Cam: Energy, Good songs and an atmosphere that will make you want to let loose and have fun.

What are your plans after the album release?

Stewart: Non stop writing, gigging and having fun.

Fraser: To keep writing, gigging and more writing!

Cam: Play lots of shows. We love playing live and keep writing and release as much as possible.

You can catch Broken Boy’s explosive live show at the following dates:
2nd May – Rock The Tay Festival, Buskers – Dundee
9th May – PJ Molloys – Dunfermline
10th/11th June – XPO North Festival – Inverness


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