Brittneyann shares fetching single ‘Friends Lovers Enemies’

"The nuts and bolts of the song are pretty straightforward—acoustic guitar, 808s, electric piano, drums plus snaps"
10 June 2024

Brittneyann, a multifaceted musician hailing from New Jersey, is ready to enchant audiences once again with her latest single, Friends Lovers Enemies. Picture this: a summer evening, stars twinkling above, and this track’s laid-back vibes wrapping around you like a warm breeze. It’s RnB, Bedroompop, and Bossa Nova in sweet harmony, conjuring memories of carefree nights and warm summer air.

Growing up in a culturally diverse household with Belizean and Italian roots, Brittneyann developed a deep love for music. Influenced by a wide range of artists spanning from reggae legends Bob Marley and Lucky Dube to pop icon Christina Aguilera and rock giants ACDC, she seamlessly merged diverse styles into her own unique sound. Her early foray into entertainment included appearances on Sesame Street and a film debut in Dragon Tales: Let’s Start a Band at just four years old.

At every major game, her rendition of the National Anthem never fails to evoke emotions—a blend of pride, grandeur, and passion that resonates deeply. Following her training at AMDA NY, she made her Off-Broadway debut in The Office! A Musical Parody and starred in national tours and regional productions. With boundless passion, she consistently releases singles every six to eight weeks, including her latest, Friends Lovers Enemies.

Describing the creative process behind the track, Brittneyann reveals, “The idea for the hook came to me first, and I heard the open strumming pattern of an acoustic guitar with an almost dance-hall-like feel to the drums. So I headed into the studio and laid down the guitar parts first, then drums, and everything else followed. The nuts and bolts of the song are pretty straightforward—acoustic guitar, 808s, electric piano, drums plus snaps. What was most important to me was the world that the song created for the listener, and I wanted it to feel soft, warm, and welcoming.”

She highlights the careful attention to detail dedicated to the production process, particularly honing in on the ambiance that molds the track’s overall atmosphere. “My co-producer and I took a lot of time on the ambience of the song. It’s the parts you barely hear, that would feel like something was missing if they were gone. A bit tedious, but it makes all the difference.”

Friends Lovers Enemies explores the intricacies of unspoken love and the turmoil it can ignite. Brittneyann shares the personal experience that sparked the song, expressing: “This song is about being in love with your best friend and knowing your toxic tendencies will ruin everything, so you decide to keep it to yourself even though it’s driving you crazy. I went through this last year with someone I’ve been close with for 12 years. So the stakes were extremely high…I had no idea how to navigate the sheer multitude of friend love I had for them, their importance in my life, plus the realization of romantic love. And friendship breakups hurt way more than relationship breakups in my opinion. I found myself extremely overwhelmed and not sure what to do. So I wrote down everything I wanted to say to this person and put it into a song.”

With artistry forged in equal parts creativity and discipline, this gifted singer-songwriter is blazing a path that will soon immerse audiences in authentic musical experiences, testament to her rising stature in the music firmament.