British Sea Power new album and return to the Spring & Airbrake

Today, British Sea Power released their new album, Do You Like Rock Music?

BSP’s third album was recorded in the Czech Republic, Cornwall and Canada – with Graham Sutton (Jarvis Cocker, Bark Psychosis), Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and Howard Bilerman (Hotel2Tango Studio).

In Cornwall, BSP recorded at Fort Tregantle, a 19th Century coastal redoubt – where overdubbing was delayed when a helicopter landed on the roof to drop off two howitzers and a dozen squaddies. The poor devils. The schedule also took in ice storms in Canada – where studio power lines snapped under the weight of frosty crystal. Out in the Czech woodlands, wild boar would run past the studio windows.The album’s audacious content mirrors its eventful recording schedule. There are uplifting odes to Slavic beauties and Polish taxi drivers. There is a moving account of inundation on Canvey Island. The six minutes of Lights Out For Darker Skies both revisit and expand on rock music’s foundation myths.

“The album title is meant as an important question,” says BSP guitarist Noble. “In the same way that you can divide the world into good and evil, you can divide the world into rock music and non-rock music. The Pixies and Little Richard and Public Enemy are all rock music. But so is coming across a wild boar in the middle of the forest – or just staring out at the horizon. It’s obvious what’s rock music and what isn’t. The latter category includes many rock bands…”

Following a sold-out mini-tour of the United States, BSP will be playing new material live at some unusual and intimate venues – including the highest pub in England and out on the Irish Sea aboard the good ship Merchant Vessel Royal Daffodil. The January album release will be accompanied by a full UK tour.

Thursday 17th January
Spring & Airbrake

Tickets £12.00
Doors 9pm

Tickets on sale now from Katy Daly’s, Virgin & all usual Ticketmaster outlets. Credit card bookings & info: 0870 243 4455 or book online