Bring Your Side Hustle To The Next Level This Christmas

The countdown before Christmas has started. But it’s not too late for freelancers and side hustlers to join the movement and build up momentum for their personal brands.
3 December 2020


The countdown before Christmas has started. But it’s not too late for freelancers and side hustlers to join the movement and build up momentum for their personal brands. A lot of people have seized the opportunity to start a side career from home during lockdown. Whether you’ve been selling your craft arts online or using your skills to support other businesses, there’s an important question to ask. Do you enjoy being your own boss? 

For the majority of side hustlers, it’s an opportunity to embrace your passion while making a little money on the side. It doesn’t have to replace your full-time income. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your side hustle to the next level. So why not use the Christmas time to propel your home venture further?

Here’s why Christmas is the best time to get a boost: 

Seasonal collaboration with reputable brands

It is the best season for collaborations. You’d be pleased to know that a lot of local businesses may still be looking for an online influencer partnership ahead of Christmas. What does a collaboration with a trusted brand do for you? Ultimately, it allows you to reach out to a broader audience. It’s a popular method used in all industry sectors. Online casinos, for instance, tend to showcase games by a variety of developers. The partnership is mutually beneficial. From the casino’s perspective, players know the business is trustworthy because they recognise developing companies. From the perspective of the developer, it’s a great portfolio boost. The same principle applies to other sectors. 

Go all-in with a professional website

You’ve probably set up an online presence for your side hustle. But as we approach the end of the year, you may find that web design companies and web hosts offer last-minute deals to bring their numbers up. Now’s your chance to get a professional website for less. Your side hustle presence can also publish testimonials and reviews from the first customers you had during the year. Sharing your success stories and credentials will help make your personal brand more reputable. You can also add contact information. Potential customers want to know they can get in touch with you. However, refrain from sharing your home address and personal mobile number. Instead, you can use an online mailbox with a service such as that scans your business post and stores it online for you. You can also add a business phone that redirects to your mobile during your opening hours. 

Spread the word in your Christmas cards

Do you have your Christmas ready? Most people are still in the process of buying and sending theirs. But you can go the extra mile by creating business Christmas cards to support your side hustle. Check out personalisable card services such as that let you create a simple design for your brand. You can spread the word about your side hustle and let your friends, neighbours, and relatives know. You never know who might need your services! 

Christmas offers a unique opportunity for freelancers and side hustlers to make their brands visible. While it doesn’t mean your side hustle will turn into a full-time business overnight, this could be the first growth step. End-of-year discounts, marketing collabs, and communication make it easier to find the tools and partners you need to level up.