Singer, poet, songwriter and feminist showgirl Brigitte Aphrodite unveils this shining lyric video for her smartly honest, bizarre and engaging new single titled ‘Creshendorious’, out now via Beautiful Black Dog Records.

The track is as slice from her ‘gig theatre’ show ‘My Beautiful Black Dog’, an electrifying musical written and starring Brigitte, which show that challenges the urgent stigma around mental health and encourages the audience to take ownership of their own black dogs through infectious dance moves, swagger-boss costumes and banging tunes surrounded by silver streamers, sequins and sparkles.

Brigitte explains: “Black dog is what Winston Churchill used to call his depression… I have a beautiful black dog and I call her Creshendorious.”

If you’re going to Edinburgh Festival, go see it.beautiful-black-dog-by-brigitte-aphrodite1