bright lightFollowing on from his recent collaboration with Elton John for the splendid ‘I Wish We Were Leaving’ and the new single ‘I Believe’, electronic pop connoisseur Bright Light Bright Light releases his fascinating new album ‘Life Is Easy’ (out now via Self Raising Records), written and produced with long-term collaborators The Invisible Men [Iggy Azelea, Jessie J, Rita Ora].

“I Believe is a small nod to the last album’s title – explains Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light – “The period I spent in NYC changed my outlook and the people I met there really changed my life. Feeling optimism kick back in is an incredible feeling, so I wanted to make a song that sounded how it felt to be alive and kicking again.””

Rod reveals: “The record is based around the idea of missing the bigger picture. How it’s easy to forget to look around you and see what you have. The songs are about family, friends and lovers and what it is about them you love, hate, miss, remember and keep with you.”

“The title is purposefully a point of discussion. Of course life can be very difficult, but it can also be amazing, depending what approach you take. I left London for New York and fell back in love with life, making music, touring and writing. The album for me is an overview of a year and a half of meeting people who changed my life, making decisions that opened and closed, many doors. A life that had seemed pretty muted suddenly felt technicolour again.”

Bright Light Bright Light live dates (a support act for Elton John’s European tour in July):
10th Fulda Domplatz; 11th Dresden Theatreplatz vor der Semperoper; 19th Mainz Zollhafen Nordmole; 20th Mochengladbach Warsteiner Hockey Park