bff bridgesEpic indie seems to be a genre that returns to the scene time and time again. Made famous in recent years by once-beardy-now-uber-coiffed-masters-of-anthemic Kings of Leon, the rise of electronic duos, trip hop songstresses and polished pop seemed to have quelled the straight forward indie bands’ ever burning fires.

But alas, Bridges are here to bring it all back (again) and present their single ‘BFF’ and b-side ‘Chimera’ to the expectant music listening masses. ‘BFF’ teases with an indie crescendo, the video showing the Bridges boys on the road. It’s honest, it’s pure, it’s mostly been done before, but it’s certainly not terrible.

‘Chimera’ follows in a similar vein and both tracks are definite ‘radio fodder’. There’s no doubt ‘BFF’ could be played on radio, it’s radio when radio wants to go ‘alternative’. But there’s something to be said for the smaller bands with melodic stadium-like ambitions. We need them, they’re the lifeblood of the indie genre, it’s feel good, it’s not offensive, but a little diversity going forward from Bridges would be welcome.

By Celia Whitehorn