brian&matt’s ‘SAY THE WORD’. Reviving pop-punk spirit and old-school vibes

"It's an anthem for those who've grown tired of the people-pleasing tug-of-war and yearn to break free"
8 March 2024

SAY THE WORD​ by dynamic brothers brian&matt ​, works as the ideal tune that brings you back to the skate-punk heyday of the early 2000s with ​a​ bang. This track channels the raw vigor of pop-punk, evoking the spirit of iconic bands like blink-182 and Good Charlotte.

brian&matt offer a captivating fusion of old-school punk with a modern edge, promising an electrifying musical journey. Their latest track, born from reflective acoustic jam sessions, captures raw emotions with finesse. Evoking pure 90s nostalgia, the duo’s immersive presence in the punk scene resonates deeply with audiences. Their music transports listeners to a bygone era, akin to the cherished nostalgic feeling of playing on a Gameboy Color.

Speaking about their latest single, brian&matt​ say: “Our song is a rebellion against the never-ending pressure to satisfy everyone else’s expectations, neglecting our own happiness in the process. It’s an anthem for those who’ve grown tired of the people-pleasing tug-of-war and yearn to break free. Sometimes, solitude becomes our sanctuary, a refuge where we find the serenity to prioritize our own joy over the demanding chorus of external voices.”

The instrumental composition of SAY THE WORD, featuring vocals, electric guitar, bass, and drums, perfectly complements the rebellious theme of the track. This single marks ​an​ exciting direction for brian&matt and is indicative of what’s to come in the near future.