Brett Benowitz ignites hope and resilience with new single ‘We Won’

"Our world is going through massive changes right now and there’s this general sense of dread that this is the end of humanity"
20 June 2024

Rising through the ranks of rock, funk, and blues, Brett Benowitz unveils his latest anthem, We Won, produced by the esteemed Jonathan DeRing. With its raw emotion and undeniable truth captivate listeners, conveying a powerful message that resonates long after the music fades.

We Won emerges as a high-energy declaration, celebrating the victory of good over evil amidst the tumultuous changes of our time. Brett Benowitz’s message is clear: even in the darkest moments, goodness will always shine through. It’s a rallying cry for humanity to awaken and reclaim our power.

Benowitz explains: “This song is about how in the end, good always triumphs over evil. Our world is going through massive changes right now and there’s this general sense of dread that this is the end of humanity, but I believe we’ve already won and though the transition is painful, things will get better soon. We are waking up and taking our power back.”

Recorded at Jackpot Creative in El Segundo, We Won is the culmination of an intricate recording process. Starting from scratch with guitar and vocals, layers of drums, bass, and lead guitar were meticulously added, showcasing Brett’s dynamic performances that drive the song’s intensity.

From Just Hold On to Take Back Your Life, Brett Benowitz has built a reputation on crafting music that resonates with fans and critics alike. Whether at The Viper Room, Hotel Cafe, or The Mint, his captivating stage presence turns heads, powered by his own unique rock-infused musical perspective. Notably, Brett recently sold out Aviator Nation Dreamland with his electrifying stage presence and soulful performances.

In 2021, Brett’s talents were recognized with a win in the Fender Player Plus Studio Session contest for LA, affording him a coveted recording session at East West Studios and a spotlight on Fender’s prestigious platform. Bassist Philip Chuah, who’s worked with Charlie Puth and Stevie Wonder, brings his top-notch skills to the table, and when paired with Brett Benowitz, the result is pure magic.

Raised in a small Georgia town, Brett Benowitz discovered his musical calling at 13, blending influences reminiscent of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The White Stripes. Aftercutting his teeth in the Big Apple, Brett hitched a ride to Tinseltown, landing in the lap of La-La Land, where his high-energy live shows hooked the attention of music lovers.

With We Won, Brett Benowitz not only asserts his musical prowess but also inspires hope and empowerment through his compelling artistry. As LA’s music scene gets lit up with fresh talent, Brett shines bright, driven by a mission to fuel the souls of music lovers everywhere.