BRENDAN ADAMS Unveils TWO LEAVES: A Lush, String-Driven Ode To Old-Time Crooners

By Vee D

The first time I heard Brendan Adams’ gorgeous new single Two Leaves, it felt like time got all dewy and mellow on me. This lush, string-driven ode to old-time crooners – Sinatra, Cohen, late Johnny Cash – and the art of classic songwriting is truly a beautiful space to find yourself in. Lost in the best way possible, the way you get lost in your lover’s embrace. It’s a feeling that turns you inside out and makes you warm all over. And you only notice it in hindsight, when the song suddenly ends and this cozy little bubble of yours bursts, and you fall from your cloud and bust your ass.

Two Leaves is the last single before the South African singer-songwriter releases his grand opus, a 20-song double LP titled Buttons (hitting Bandcamp on April 15th)It’s important to note that the 20 songs that were cut to vinyl are just a small slice of the material that was accrued during a year-long process, where the artist wrote and recorded a song every single week of 2020. With Two Leaves, Adams officially ended the project at 52 songs! 

The vinyl edition was divided into four seasons based on emotional temperature as well as the time of year when the songs were recorded. As a result, as listeners, we get to ride out the full sun cycle of emotion. It’s a beautiful and rewarding journey, full of stylistic and emotional turns. Listening to this, it’s hard not to think of Bill Withers, specifically in regards to how the mundane is carefully spun and transmuted into a thread of gold, ie. experience distilled into common-sense wisdom. This is grown folks music, no doubt! And if you’ve been around for a minute and crave some substance, this one’s for you!