Anna Gunn Bryan CranstonAnna Gunn, who played Skyler White in Breaking Bad, infamously revealed a few months back that her former TV husband Bryan Cranston would play pranks on her while filming, like filling his tighty whities with a hairspray canister during their sex scenes.

Anna told that Bryan is coercing Anna’s new crewmates to do inappropriate things to her via a series of silly and dirty texts.

“I text and call Bryan all the time and we also communicate through crew members. I just did a guest spot on [“The Mindy Project”] and he texted some very dirty things to the prop master,” she told Hollyscoop at the first party of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards season, hosted by HFPA and InStyle. asked her to elaborate and she said the texts to the prop master were, “um… you know, things to do to me during the show. I won’t say what.

I cannot say something he told them to do to me but there were things he would try to do to me all the time. Not physical things. Just prop like things. Sorry, that sounds really weird.”

Anna joked that Bryan’s pranks “always involves putting things in his underwear but he likes to leave things around set to try to crack me up all the time, so he was trying to get the [crew] to do that and they were like no, we’re not gonna do that to her but then they showed me the text.”

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