Brandy Butler unveils ‘Gentle Beating Heart’ art movie/fashion clip

Ya’ll better be keeping your eyes on South Africa! We mean it. That is, if you haven’t been doing it already. The underground there is definitely bubbling over right now, and rippling out on an international scale. Whether it’s fashion, dance, music or design – the creative folk down there are definitely put their own spin on everything. Having that in mind, we’re not surprised that the official soul-diva aka Miss Brandy Butler was down there with her film-making partner in crime, Nicole Pfizer, for a video shoot. And you know what?! The magic rubbed off and some.

They came back with a stunning art movie, slash fashion clip – music video hybrid. It’s GORGEOUS. Everything about it: Brandy, the dancers and the models involved (Seeflex The Artist, Shami Shamrock, Lucy Mbiola, Rox Kim Lo and Rachid Poati), the city and nature shots and, of course, the tranquil, balanced cinematography of Ebrahim Hajee. That the music is amazing, that we don’t have to say again.

We’ve been supporting Brandy Butler and the Brokenhearted from day one. The video features a melange of two songs lifted directly from the full-length: ‘Howling’ and ‘Gentle Beating Heart’ (some of our favourites – BTW).

In case you missed the news about ‘The Inventory of Goodbye’, click here for a recap.

Photography by Ebrahim Hajee