Some voices have the power to peel bricks off with their sheer resonance, even if the never exhibit their full force – but you can feel it. And when they are used to channel intimate human truths, they resonate deep in our bones and nourish the deepest parts of us. Brandy Butler definitely has one of these voices and with her first solo LP, she is out to give your bones a thrashing. Those of you currently on the lover’s blues end of the spectrum will definitely find shelter in this one. We are honoured to host the official premiere of the remarkable ‘The Inventory of Goodbye’.

The truly talented African-American musician, artist and activist, reveals: “It’s exactly two years ago since this story all began…It’s incredible how much time, and love, and loss can all change you, and change you for the better. This album is my experience, the key moments. The release in general, is the most beautiful end to a long season. I am looking forward to sharing my reflections of this time with people, and I am excited about what lays ahead in my next creative process now that I am so changed.”