Brand New Alt Single WILD // CHILD From FOUNDRY13

By Frank Bell

The London-based brothers of FOUNDRY13 have dropped their latest rebellious release, Wild // Child. Having made their debut back in 2019 they have rapidly amassed themselves a loyal following and solid reputation as a limitlessly talented duo. The definition of feel-good alt-rock, Wild // Child features an infectious beat and charming lyricism, serving as the perfect summertime single. 

The bros state: “Usually, we love to incorporate and address heavy topics in our music such as mental health, depression, anxiety, etc. but due to what we have all gone through in the last year, we felt as though keeping it light and upbeat is what people need right now. We wanted the song to represent the warfare of the youth, about how it’s best to live your life to the fullest whilst you can. This is a track which we didn’t really want to overcomplicate with high concepts and too many emotions. It’s just about never wanting to leave the party, and sleeping until the sun goes down.”

Named by BBC Introducing Suffolk as an ‘artist to watch in 2021’, FOUNDRY13 have seemingly sealed themselves a thrilling career, only cemented further with the upbeat Wild // Child