Bran Van 3000 co-founder LIQUID Teams Up With RENCH From Gangstagrass For Liquid Ltd HARD LABOR

Stephen James Hawley aka Liquid, co-founder and member of Juno award winning Montreal collective Bran Van 3000 has teamed up with Emmy nominated Rench, frontman of Billboard charting Gangstagrass to create a sledgehammer of an urban Americana EP entitled Hard Labor under the name ‘Liquid Ltd’.

The EP title track is the first track to drop. Inspired by undertaking demolition work, it’s a song for the working population that packs a punch with a seamless rap flow backed by addictive laid back sun-drenched intricate bluegrass and country flavours.

With Hard Labor you can just picture Liquid and Rench hunched over in the heat on a building site with banjo and rhymes putting the world to rights. The track’s relaxing heat wave twang and hard hitting beats and raps are a dynamite combo.