Bradderz & 25KV ignite Speed Garage revival with electrifying single

"Speed Garage is back forever"
11 March 2024

In the vast world of electronic dance music, some genres persist, refusing to fade. With its infectious rhythms and nostalgic allure, prepare for a revival led by the dynamic duo Bradderz & 25KV with their electrifying single, Speed Garage.

Shaun Bradderz, a multifaceted talent renowned for his contributions to UK Dance music, joins forces with Lee Viner, better known as 25KV, a virtuoso in the realms of UKG and Bassline. Together, they meticulously crafted Speed Garage, a track that pays homage to the genre’s roots while injecting a fresh dose of energy into its veins.

Shaun Bradderz

Originally conceived as an MC-led endeavor, fate took an unexpected turn when actor strikes in 2023 necessitated a unique approach. Enter an unnamed actor from Instagram, lending their voice to narrate the origins of Speed Garage, adding an intriguing layer to the track’s narrative.


For aficionados eagerly awaiting their next Garage gem, Speed Garage in its Extended Club Mix is now available across all major streaming platforms. And for those seeking a tangible connection to the music, limited edition 12″ vinyl clear lathe cuts are up for grabs on Luminol’s Bandcamp page.

Bradderz, a composer, writer, and label owner with an illustrious career, reminisces about his deep-rooted affinity for Speed Garage. From his days co-producing tracks under Db/Urban Sprawl to his passion for collecting rare vinyl gems from the genre’s heyday, Bradderz’s commitment to preserving its essence shines through. With 25KV by his side, he affirms that “Speed Garage is back forever“.

Looking ahead, Bradderz is slated to grace the stage at the 90’s Fest Summer Bowl hosted by Jamie Duggan in Sheffield this July. It’s an event not to be missed for enthusiasts of the era.

Special appreciation goes out to Fish56Octagon for featuring Speed Garage on his Instagram & TikTok, amplifying the reach of this momentous collaboration.

In a constantly shifting musical terrain, Bradderz & 25KV emerge as pioneers, injecting vitality into a genre determined to linger in memory. Through Speed Garage, they beckon listeners on a chronological odyssey, where rapid beats, charged energy, and the essence of Garage music pulse anew.