The moving scenes are in the video for Boyzone’s new single Gave It All Away, a MIKA-penned fave of Stephen’s that the lads recorded shortly before he died.

Ronan, KEITH DUFFY, SHANE LYNCH and MIKEY GRAHAM decided to turn the shoot into a tribute to their friend. Rejecting all offers of record company help, the band locked themselves in a room with director pal PAUL GRIFFIN and a camera while they reminisced about Stephen, who died last October aged only 33.The four shared tears and laughter while watching old clips and penning goodbye notes. The video is a real tearjerker, opening with Stephen singing “I will learn to live before I die” and ending with shots of envelopes marked “Dear Steo”, their name for him.
Talking with The Sun about the song’s video, Ronan said: “The footage is incredibly raw and tough to watch at times but we didn’t want it being too mournful and there’s lots of laughter.

“It’s us reminiscing about the times we had with our other brother. My favourite scene sees us four sat around a table at the end with Stephen’s favourite picture hanging behind us.

“To film this video without him was one of the toughest things we’ve done.”

Ronan Keating of Boyzone premiered the boy band’s new Mika penned song ‘Gave It All Away’ on his Magic 105.4 radio show on Sunday (January 17), with vocals from and in tribute to the late Stephen Gately. Also Ronan spoke with his bandmate Mikey Graham.

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