BOYZONE are begging MTV to invite them to their awards ceremony next month and have even offered for Stephen Gately to kiss host Katy Perry – wearing cherry chapstick. The band, who reformed last year, have pleaded for an invite to the music bash on the Daily Star’s website.The boys are on the black list after member Shane Lynch got drunk at the last show they attended in Dublin 2000. The reformed bad boy swore on stage and slapped P Diddy on the head at the after show.

They said: “In the year 2000 Boyzone were invited to the MTV Awards in Dublin where things went a bit wrong and Shane offended the channel. We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise.

“As a band we are really keen to bury the hatchet and would love to attend this year’s event in Liverpool to present an award and move on”.

They added: “We won two awards eight years ago and now we are back with a big album and a big single. Ronan has even hosted the MTV awards twice and Shane has promised to wear a suit this year if we can go.”

The band, who recently released their new album Back Again… No Matter What, are also rumoured to be appearing on The X Factor.

Judge and former manager Louis Walsh is trying to get them to perform on the reality pop show, and the boys can’t wait.

“Hopefully it will be near the final. We believe in Louis and we believe in X Factor”, said Boyzone.

“Honest to God, we can’t believe we got a second chance and we’re back. We want to say a massive thank-you to everyone”.
By Cathy Black
Photos by ©Fabrizio Belluschi