Boyzone and the Spice Girls Are The Best

Best British and Irish Boybands and Girl Groups of the Last 20 Years Announced.

90s chart toppers Boyzone and the Spice Girls have topped a poll asking members of the public to name the best UK music groups of the past 20 years.
The UK’s leading website,  commissioned a survey of more than 1,800 members of the public to collate the best British and Irish boybands and girl groups of the last two decades, having noticed a huge number of people searching on site for music related group buying discounts.

90s chart toppers The Spice Girls lead the pack, with more than four fifths of people saying they were amongst their favourite British girl groups of the last twenty years, beating Girls Aloud into second place.

Boyzone continued their 90s rivalry with boy band Take That, with just 2% of the public vote separating the two groups. X Factor runners up JLS are the most current of the top ten greatest boy bands, making the list at number three.

Here is the full top ten best ever girl groups, according to the study by daily city deal website, and based on the question posed to 1,827 people: “Which of the following would you list amongst your favourite British and Irish acts of the last twenty years?”:

Girl Groups
1. Spice Girls – 83%
2. Girls Aloud – 72%
3. Sugababes – 67%
4. All Saints – 63%
5. Atomic Kitten – 59%
6. Mis-teeq – 57%
7. Eternal – 53%
8. The Saturdays – 49%
9. B*Witched – 38%
10. The 411 – 36%

1. Boyzone – 86%
2. Take That – 85%
3. JLS – 78%
4. Westlife – 74%
5. Blue – 70%
6. Busted – 64%
7. McFly – 62%
8. East 17 – 61%
9. 5ive – 53%
10. A1 – 46%

Discount website, which lists daily deals giving users between 50-90% off the best things to do, see and eat in their city also asked the respondents who they thought were the biggest boy and girl group flops. Here is the top ten, based on the percentage of people that said they thought each group counted as a ‘flop’:

1. One True Voice – 92%
2. Hear’say – 86%
3. Honeyz – 81%
4. Cleopatra – 76%
5. Blazin’ Squad – 75%
6. Phixx – 72%
7. All*Stars – 67%
8. Northern Line – 64%
9. Ultra – 62%
10. Goldie Lookin Chain – 59%

Mark Pearson, Managing Director of had the following to say,

“These are the groups many of us will have grown up listening to, and dare I say it, singing and dancing along to!

“It was really interesting to put to bed rivalries between some of the greatest bands of the last couple of decades, especially in the case of Boyzone and Take That, where very little separates them otherwise. On that note, it’s not at all a surprise to see the Spice Girls storming to number one in the top girl group list – they were truly a phenomenon. It’s only when you think back to how influential and popular they were you realise just how perfectly timed their formation was.”

He continued,

“As for the flops, I think the list speaks for itself. Some horribly memorable acts made the top ten, but for all the wrong reasons.”

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